Lately a lot of attention has been drawn to music and the whole issue of them originally not paying artists during the three month free subscription, criticism quickly grew and it took Taylor Swift to write an open letter to Apple for them to change their mind. 

During this time it seems that spotify has also been targeted but in a slightly different way, rather than Taylor Seift writing an open letter a website called eternify has been setup to take on spotify and their poor payment system. 


Apparently Spotify pays just $0.005 to the artist per song played which makes it extremely hard for artists to make money off their streams. Now we are aware of big name artists who can afford these deals but what about small bands who are struggling to make it in the music industry? This sort of payment system is no way to make a living. 

  This poor payment system is what has caused eternify to come into creation, its sole purpose and aim is to play a selected song on a continuous 30 second loop, why 30 seconds? Apparently 30 seconds of AirPlay is what it takes to be classed as a stream and for spotify to pay the artists. 

The website allows users to tweet or share to facebook about eternify and states ” Music streaming’s virtually worthless for artists, but we can change that. #StreamForever with” 

To use eternify users search for the artist they want to get paid then pick a song and eternify does the rest and plays the song on a continuous loop of 30 seconds which isn’t great for the listening experience and so may not be cause for many people to take up, however if you want to help stick it to spotify and help make a difference you can leave safari open and your volume turned down. 

We tried it out whilst watching TV and shared the results to twitter, after 14 minutes we earned daughtry just 39cents and after we earned Hinder just 14 cents after just under 14 minutes. 


Overall it’s not a huge dent to spotify but obviously they aren’t happy with it and are looking into wether or not it breaks any of their terms, if you want to help make a difference you can access eternify here