4 Apple Watches Found in a River

4 Apple Watches Found in a River

YouTube scuba diving treasure hunter Dallmyd has shared numerous iPhones, drones and go pro’s but in one of his latest videos found a total of 4 Apple Watches. The YouTube star who is at almost 6 million subscribers has been posting videos of his treasure hunting for over two years.

The first Apple Watch discovered comes in at approximately 5 minutes and has a protective case and still powers on to show the time and low battery, the second Apple Watch is found at about 7 minutes in with the screen semi-detached, the third Apple Watch is found at about 8 minutes in and has sine cosmetic damages but doesn’t power on, the YouTuber also finds mobile phones and a go pro in this video as well.

We have been following Dallmyd for over a year and always find his video’s interesting, make sure you check out the video to see the fourth Apple Watch and the other finds.

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