Edit: the review below was written based on us testing the service however I have since received messages from a user who has experienced some problems with the service, I enclude a copy so you can make your decision on the service yourself.

Yesterday I was contacted and asked to try out a new signing service called HackPortal, there seems to be more and more of these popping up and there are several free ones which tout themselves as cydia alternatives, however, they use free developer certificates which get revoked often, then there are several paid ones which have a lower chance of being revoked.

Currently the main players in the paid section is iPwnstore, iPastore, iPAWiND and buildsio. HackPortal offers a free solution to download apps and will also be offering a paid option to offer more apps, the developers say their certificate is unrevokable, however, given Apple’s activity in recent months it may be something we could see happen, however putting that aside the service they provide works, it allows users to download ++ apps one at a time for free.

The site is still in beta but I’ve yet to find an issue with downloading the apps. If you are not looking to spend any money then this site could help you out. Download speeds were good and all apps that I tried worked as advertised. Currently I think it’s safe to say that HackPortal will e a hit among users looking to install ++ Apps.