Profiles, another Tasso’s Tips from the past that seems to have been overlooked lately. But why would anyone want another profile? Rather than installing another version of Kodi on your device for your Children for example. A new profile just for them will allow you some peace of mind and control over what content they can watch. Passwords would be an excellent start for this option.


Profiles Advantages

Profiles allow users to save all of settings as a profile and change them at the touch of a button. It also allows you to grant access to specific folders and network shares based on the profile being used. This is ideal for systems that have multiple users. It works much the same as setting up individual users on your home computer.

These individual profiles allow you to customize the environment for multiple users, allowing for such functionality as:

  • Customized view settings such as skins for each user
  • The ability to lock folders, such as network shares on a per-user basis
  • Separate media libraries for each user
  • Unique RSS feeds for each user
  • Unique keymapping for each user
  • Separate network settings

All options stored in the userdata folder can be customized per profile, allowing for an amazing amount of flexibility. (source)

How to Add Profiles


After opening Kodi on your device, Select the Cog Icon as shown above.



While in the Systems Menu, click on Profile Settings to continue.


The next screen to appear has two steps; General and Profiles.

  • General- Photo A, will ask if you wish to have the Logon Screen at startup. Click anywhere in the blue area to Enable as indicated. Leave the second option asking for Automatic Logon on startup – Last used profile as is.
  • Profiles- Photo B when selected, will have the option to Add Profile… Click to continue.

Naming and Setup of Profiles


As a result of clicking Add profiles, a keyboard will appear. At this point you may type whatever name you wish. “Kids Kodi” for example if this will be used for your children, or for anyone else for that matter, even yourself! Most of all, do not forget to click OK when done. Just for fun I named mine Man_Child_II. (an inside joke)


Immediately after selecting OK, a new screen (Photo A) will ask Browse for folder, simply click OK. In Photo B, Edit Profiles– You may click on OK to continue as I have. But if you wish to change/alter the profile name or even add a profile picture, now is the time to do so. It’s not necessary since you can do it at a later time, but the choice is entirely up to you.

Configuring Profiles


Configuring the new profile is very easy. Because there are two options, the choice is yours.

Photo A – Start with Fresh Settings or Copy from Default.

  • Fresh Settings is exactly that, you will have a new, clean version of Kodi in this new profile.
  • Copy from Default will copy the current settings from the “master user”.

Photo B – Start with Fresh Media Sources or Copy from Default.

  • Fresh Media Sources will allow you to add any new Media Sources such as Personal Movie Files, Photographs, Music Files, etc.
  • Copy from Default will transfer all your current media files from the “master user” to the new profile.



You’ve done a great job so far, but just a few more steps to finalize your new profile. Return to the Home Page and click on the Power icon. Due to adding a new profile, there is now a new option located at the bottom as shown in the Photo above. Log off Master user. Please click to continue.

Using new Profiles for First Time


  • Photo A– As a result of clicking on logoff master user, a new screen will now indicate Two Profiles. Because Man_Child_II profile has never logged on, you must select to finalize.
  • Photo B–  This will only occur after any new profile has been added. Yes you may have more than two if you wish. Once again, if you wish to change the name or add a profile picture, you  may do so now. If not, click OK.


Congratulations ! You have just added a new profile to Kodi. After exiting Kodi, you will have a choice of profiles to open.


In Conclusion

Now that you have a new profile added, you have a wide variety of options available. Your imagination is all that stands in front of you. I certainly hope this will help you enjoy Kodi and all it has to offer. For more great tips and ideas on a wide assortment of topics for both Android and Apple, please visit Geeks Corner.