If you have been following the news recently you will be aware that the FBI are publicly calling Apple to unlock an iPhone used in a shooting, this is a case similar to one awhile back where Apple stood their ground and refused to create a back door to allow access.

Apple has once again stood it’s ground and scrutiny of public figures including President Donald Trump. Apple says that they are not prepared to create a back door into their devices for the “good guys” because eventually the “bad guys” will find a way to also access this back door.

One thing the FBI is not broadcasting publicly is that the iPhone in question is an older model which has already proven to be accessible by other means such as Jailbreaks checkm8 tool. The FBI previously gave up pressuring Apple after a 3rd party was able to access the device.

So this omission by the FBI leads many to question why the FBI are still calling upon Apple to provide them access. Currently security services such as the FBI and MI5 etc. are trying their best to make encryption illegal, the reasons for this is that they currently can can access more data now than ever before but encryption creates a small black spot on their otherwise clear picture of every human carrying a smart phone in their country. Security service want to be able to bulk collect 100% of the populations communications so that they can access it at any point.

If Apple backs down on this situation it wouldn’t be long before other companies are also pressured into creating back doors into their software and once that happens it leaves everyone vulnerable to being attacked via a back door by any nation state that wants to access our devices. The FBI is using a terrible incident of a shooting to scare people into supporting their desires to have unlimited access to everything.

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