Anyone who has followed us for some time will probably know that I love smart speakers, over the past few years I’ve owned Amazon Alexa speakers, Google Home’s and HomePod’s. Currently I use my HomePod for most of my music needs and home automation but I also have multiple Google Home mini’s for communicating around the house, some smart home automation and for playing my local radio station around the house.

One thing I love to do is listen to podcasts, I tend to run them via overcast on my Apple Watch and AirPods. I love Overcast and think it is one of the best podcast apps put there, however, I recently tried connecting my Apple Watch to my Google Home Mini and I was impressed enough to now ditch the need to wear my AirPods around the house. Now I must state that the bluetooth range isn’t amazing from the speaker to the watch if I go from one end of the house to the other, however, for my needs of listening to the podcast in the room that i’m in is perfect for my needs.

Personally I use Overcast syncing to the Apple Watch so I can enjoy podcasts without my iPhone nearby so I can in effect leave my iPhone on it’s wireless charger in another room and just enjoy podcasts with just my watch and my google mini. For anyone interested in trying this out simply say to your Google Home device “hey google enter pairing mode” then on the Apple Watch open settings -> Bluetooth and under devices you will see the name of your bluetooth speaker now tap and wait for it to connect.