Since Apple introduced watchOS 5 it was made easier for podcast apps to enable playback on the watch directly without needing your phone at all times, some apps existed before watchOS 5 with a workaround and are still good today so we have included those below.

Apple Podcast App – Apple’s own podcast app allows you to transfer podcasts to your watch whilst charging. Episodes download for offline playback when available, and brand new episodes show up with a cloud icon and can be streamed over Wi-Fi or LTE.

Overcast – Overcast is my personal favourite app which I use all the time, this app allows you to choose which apps you want to download to your watch and also allows you to transfer episodes on the go.

Outcast – I came across Outcast over a year ago when it went on sale and allows you to download episodes directly to the watch without the need of having your phone at all.

Watchplayer – I reviewed Watchplayer over a year ago and at the time was one of the best apps out there which allowed you to download podcasts without needing your phone, the developer first started the project for himself and decided to make it available to the public.

MiniCast – MiniCast is designed to be a companion app to the podcast app you’re using on your iPhone. It currently is integrated with Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Castro and Pocket Casts. Simply use the share button when viewing the episode and tap the “Send Podcast to Watch” action. Unfortunately, this costs $3.99 and was extremely slow during our testing.

There are some other podcast apps that we have not personally tested and so I recommend Overcast and Outcast both of which I absolutely love. Let me know in the comments what apps you use and if you plan on switching to any of these.