Reviewing Beddit 3

Reviewing Beddit 3

A few weeks I ordered the beddit sleep tracker, I wanted another option of tracking my sleep as I have trouble sleeping at night and I don’t always want to wear my Apple Watch to bed.

The beddit app is easy to setup and there is an option if you sleep alone or share the bed with someone. My first test I slept alone as I was working nights and the tracking seemed accurate, however l, when sharing a bed I find the tracking is off. On several occasions I woke up and was moving around trying to go back to sleep but this isn’t shown on the sleep tracking record.

My next test is to try tracking my sleep via the beddit app and some popular sleep tracking apps on the Apple Watch which I will post the results in a few days. In the meantime I can’t honestly say that the beddit is worth purchasing for accurate sleep tracking if you share a bed.

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