Since the introduction in iPhone 5s Apple has worked on improving the finger print sensor to make the iPhones more secure. 

Thankfully this feature was not missed in the jailbreaking community either, legendary in the jailbreaking community Limneos introduced Bio Protect which allows users to lock apps using the finger print reader. 

Priced at a reasonable $2.99 you can reset knowing that if someone does have access to your device these apps will still need your finger print. This tweak is also perfect if your a parent who allows their child to play games on their phone but want to stop them accessing other apps. 

If an app is protected with Bio protect then you don’t even have to remove them from the app switcher as they are protected there as well. 

We recommend purchasing BioProtect from the BigBoss repo straight away, because of the security features BioProtect is our tweak of the week.