Everybody knows that Apple and android users always disagreed on which is better but realistically can both coexist?

I started out with my first smart phone as an android user, my device was quite basic but very good and did what I needed to do, this helped introduce me into the smartphone world and after 18 months I decided to upgraded to an Apple device after poor customer service.

Since using an Apple device I have become a huge fan especially since jailbreaking from iOS6,. 

I have looked around at the Apple TV and considered buying one on several occasions however, I have found that many channels are not available to UK users and without the ability to jailbreak the Apple TV three and so I looked into an android TV. 

I bought my first android tv in 2013 and quickly installed Xbmc and showbox, after 3 days I realised the android tv couldn’t provide good enough viewing quality on Xbmc and so stuck to showbox, at the end of 2014 I bought a 2nd android TV and have never thought twice about an Apple TV. 

On android TV you have so much more options such as showbox, hdcinema, playboxhd, cartoonhd and many more. 

I run a jailbroken iPad and a Samsung Galaxy tablet. To be honest I think the android platform looks cheap and is slow especially on the tablet as light touches doesn’t seem to register as well as on the iPad however ,when it comes to watching TV & Films it holds well. The cost of the android devices compared to apple has always been especially appealing. 

I believe that after two years I can move between devices with minimal disruption and if anyone wants a device just to watch TV/film then I highly recommend an android device.