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Apple Music expands to the Amazon Fire TV

Apple Music is steadily expanding its territory on third party devices, Apple introduced Amazon Echo support in the USA back in December and is now rolling it out to the Fire TV as well. Apple says support will be coming… Continue Reading →

Apple Music is coming to the google home

Apple Music is coming to Google Home.

Apple joins forces with Samsung and it’s a crucial move

Apple and Samsung joins forces to bring iTunes media to more customers and this is an important role for their upcoming TV service.

Get your year in review on Apple Music

Say what you want about Spotify but some things they have down to an art and one of those is the year in review, everyone likes to reflect on the events of the year and music listening habits is a… Continue Reading →

(Unofficial) Apple Music web player

Unofficial Apple Music web player shows Apple how it should be.

Here is how to request all your data that Apple holds about you

When the EU introduced GDPR Apple made a new portal available for users to request a copy of all the data that Apple held on them, shortly after Apple made this portal available to users outside the EU as well…. Continue Reading →

Apple Music is coming to the echo

Apple Music users will soon be able to enjoy their music collection on amazon echos, in a statement released by Amazon the ability is being added as an Alexa skill. Once it’s available, you’ll simply add the Apple Music skill… Continue Reading →

You can now get a breakdown of your Apple Music listening history developer thanks to an iOS developer

Have you ever wanted to know what your Apple Music Activity was like? thanks to developer Pat Murray you can view this information. Murray has built a browser-based app that lets you see your Apple Music activity. This app is… Continue Reading →

Apple and Shazam deal complete – ad free version coming soon

Shazam will soon become ad free for everyone after Apple completes its acquisition.

Apple Music now supports Android Auto

Today issued an update to its Apple Music for Android brining the ability to do song search by lyrics and Android Auto support. Playback controls are accessible directly through the head unit just like CarPlay however actions are limited to… Continue Reading →

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