Get an Amazon Echo Dot for 99p

A few weeks back we covered how you could get a free google home mini through Spotify, shortly after this was published the story was picked up on several major sits and stock quickly ran out. Now Amazon is running a similar deal where if you sign up to it’s music streaming service you can get an echo dot for just 99p.

The terms state you must sign up to its family plan which costs £14.99 a month and you will then be given a code to get the echo dot at the reduced price. The offer won’t last long and if you don’t fancy paying £14.99 for music check out our deals for 4 months free Apple Music, 3 month Spotify for 99p or 3 month free Google Play Music.

If you want to take advantage of the Amazon offer simply click here.

Get 4 Months Apple Music

Groupon has a new 4-month free music offer that allows you to choose either a single or family package deal. Deals like this often require you to not have held a subscription within the past year so make sure you check the details when signing up.

Like all offers, once the 4-month trial is up you will be automatically charged for each month after so we would advise all users to cancel immediately after confirming the free trial this way you will still get to enjoy the 4 months and then you won’t have any nasty surprises.

To take advantage of the offer simply click the link and follow the steps to sign up.  Currently this offer is only available for US accounts, however, the UK site shows “currently unavailable” so we hope to see it come here soon.

Don’t live in the US

If like us you are not a US citizen check out our Spotify deal we posted yesterday by clicking the link here. You can also check out our Google Play Music Deal here.

Apple Music expands to the Amazon Fire TV

Apple Music is steadily expanding its territory on third party devices, Apple introduced Amazon Echo support in the USA back in December and is now rolling it out to the Fire TV as well.

Apple says support will be coming to the U.K. in the coming weeks. To start using Apple Music on Fire TV, enable the Apple Music skill in the Alexa app, you can then ask Alexa to play your favourite song, artist etc. ensuring you say Apple Music in the phrase for Alexa to understand. If you already activated Apple Music for Amazon Echo, it should be available on Amazon Fire TV automatically.

Original source 9to5mac

Apple Music is coming to the google home

Apple is certainly a different company that it was five years ago, and we are starting to see those changes appearing with the start of Apple Music support coming to the Amazon Alexa in the US, then iTunes Movies on Smart TV’s.

Now Apple is opening up their eco system even more by allowing Apple Music on the Google Home speakers.

Currently the process is still rolling out and users aren’t able to sign in just yet but users can now select Apple Music as their default music service.

Google Assistant on iOS already features the ability to accept voice commands and play Apple Music locally on an iPhone or iPad. Once full Apple Music support is live, Android users can set it up by heading to Assistant settings -> Services tab -> Music,

iOS users can visit the Google Home app -> Settings -> Music (under Google Assistant services at the bottom of the list).

Apple joins forces with Samsung and it’s a crucial move

Apple has announced that it is teaming up with Samsung to bring iTunes movie and TV show library for both 2018 and 2019 range of Samsung televisions.

Users will be able to buy and rent content from iTunes directly from the TV via a dedicated app. These tv’s will also include support for AirPlay 2.

This joint venture will be made available in 100 countries and is a cruical move for Apple as rumours that they are planning on releasing their own TV service.

To date the only other thirdparty service Apple has allowed access to its video library is Windows PCs and Apple needs to seriously increase its user base if they want to rival other tv services such as Amazon video and Netflix.

Apple does sell their own Apple TV box’s, however, these are at a much higher price than rivals. Adding AirPlay 2 will allow content to be streamed from Apple devices directly to the Samsung TV’s in over 190 countries.

Get your year in review on Apple Music

Say what you want about Spotify but some things they have down to an art and one of those is the year in review, everyone likes to reflect on the events of the year and music listening habits is a good one.

Unfortunately Apple doesn’t do that natively, we recently provided a guide showing how you could do it using your downloaded data from Apple but it takes a few steps and isn’t an instant thing. Enter year in review by Noise hub, this app gives you instant data on your habits so you can see you top songs, artists and albums. Let us know what your review looks like with a screen shot of your review.

(Unofficial) Apple Music web player

Apple Currently doesn’t offer a full online web player for Apple Music, however that may change with the coming Amazon Echo integration, in the meantime it’s up to third party projects to fill the gap and this week software engineer Naveed Golafshani has shared a new project on Reddit that allows Apple Music subscribers to get access to their full library and other Apple Music features on the web.

Golafshani has an impressive work experience including being Software Engineering Intern at Sony electronics. Originally reported by Mac rumours the web player can be found lets you see your Apple Music library after logging in via an Apple authentication pop-up.

Once logged in you will be able to see normal Apple Music tabs like Search, Browse, For You, and Library. In Library, you can access your Recently Added items, Artists, Albums, Songs, and Playlists. 

Understandably there are a few limitations to the web player, such as not being able to specifically customise the order of up next, the Browse tab is pared down, and no Radio options however, these are outweighed by the sheer solid and well-built design. The web player will load with an optimized layout for mobile web, you can login at

Here is how to request all your data that Apple holds about you

When the EU introduced GDPR Apple made a new portal available for users to request a copy of all the data that Apple held on them, shortly after Apple made this portal available to users outside the EU as well. We show you how you can request all the information that Apple holds about you.


1: Visit Apple’s Data and Privacy web portal

2: Click “Request a copy of your data”

3: Check the box next to “select all”

4: Scroll down, click continue
5: Select between 1GB – 25GB file size and click “Complete Request”

6: Unfortunately you will have to wait a few days for Apple to gather this information but after a few days has passed you will get an email from Apple confirming the retrieval is complete, click “Get your data”.

7: Click the small downwards facing arrow to download the data and open the ZIP file on your Mac.

You can now view all the information that Apple has about you.

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Apple Music is coming to the echo

Apple Music users will soon be able to enjoy their music collection on amazon echos, in a statement released by Amazon the ability is being added as an Alexa skill.

Once it’s available, you’ll simply add the Apple Music skill in the Alexa app and then link your Apple Music account. After that, you’ll be able to use a command along the lines of ‘Alexa, ask Apple Music to play …’

Music has always been one of Alexa’s most popular features and today we’re excited to announce that Apple Music will be available on Echo devices beginning the week of December 17.

Customers will be able to ask Alexa to play their favorite songs, artists, and albums—or any of the playlists made by Apple Music’s editors from around the world, covering many activities and moods. Customers will also be able to ask Alexa to stream expert-made radio stations centered on popular genres like Hip-Hop, decades like the 80s, and even music from around the world, like K-Pop. Just ask Alexa to play Beats 1 to hear Apple Music’s global livestream including in-depth artist interviews— all completely ad-free.

This will be a welcome addition as currently the only way to listen is via a HomePod or Sonos speaker, Amazon offers a variety of cheaper echo devices.

You can now get a breakdown of your Apple Music listening history developer thanks to an iOS developer

Have you ever wanted to know what your Apple Music Activity was like? thanks to developer Pat Murray you can view this information. Murray has built a browser-based app that lets you see your Apple Music activity. This app is able to do this thanks to Apple’s ability to let users download one file on Apple’s Data and Privacy portal. Once you have downloaded this information you can use Murray’s app organises your complete Apple Music listening history since you first started using the service. We show you how to do this below:

1: Visit Apple’s Data and Privacy web portal

2: Click “Request a copy of your data”

3: Check the box next to “Apple Media Services information”

4: Scroll down, click continue
5: Select 1GB and click “Complete Request”

6: Unfortunately you will have to wait a few days for Apple to gather this information but after a few days has passed you will get an email from Apple confirming the retrieval is complete, click “Get your data”.

7: Click the small downwards facing arrow to download the data and open the ZIP file on your Mac
8: Click the Apple Media Services Information folder within the ZIP file
9: In this folder, open the ZIP file titled “App_Store_iTunes_Store_iBooks_Store_Apple_Music”

Now follow these steps to use Murray’s tool and visualise the data:
1: Visit Murray’s Apple Music Analyser website
2: Click “Choose File”

3: Navigate to Downloads and in the search field, search for “Apple Media Services Information” and double click on it
4: Find the “App_Store_iTunes_Store_iBooks_Store_Apple_Music” folder, and underneath that find “Apple Music Activity”
5: Find “Apple Music Play Activity.csv” and open it

Now with your Apple Music data open in Murray’s web app, you’ll be presented first with your most played song overall on Apple Music, including the number of times you’ve listened to it, hours spent listening to it, and hours spent skipping it. Below that, you’ll be able to find your most played songs of each year that you’ve been subscribed to the service, the total amount of time you’ve spent listening to music, the day you’ve listened to the most music, and total library song/artist count.


Original source Macrumors 

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