Kernel for iOS and Apple Watch

For anyone who likes keeping track of upcoming movies, a new app called Kernel is definitely the one for you. This app allows you to track your favourite movies and alerts you on your Apple Watch.

I love a variety of Movies but if you were to ask me when a certain film I wanted to watch was out I wouldn’t be able to tell you, however with Kernel I’m always able to know when it’s launching.

This app is easy to use and more importantly comes with an Apple Watch app. With the watch app, there is also the feature where you can force touch Movie list to watch between full and compact mode.

When you are in the app in movie details a simple force touch will allow you to set that movie as the complication for your watch face.

Kernel is free to download from the AppStore and allows you to have up to 3 movies in your watchlist, however for just $1.99 you will be able to remove this limit, no ads and full access to the blog section.

This app comes from the creator / YouTuber Nikias Molina previously Apple World and developed by Brian Minor of the weight tracking app obtain. The designer of the app is Ryan Verbeek and Blog Director James Ash.

WristBook – Facebook for your Apple Watch (Giveaway)

WristBook brings Facebook to your Apple Watch with the need for any links and using hacks, Wristbook is smooth and responsive and easy to use, below is our video review we did live and we are giving away some copies free at random to enter simply enter your details and we will pick winners at random.

Get DunDun – Squats Counter Free

If you do it right squats can really help you with strength and with DunDun you can count your squats using your Apple Watch.

– Voice tip

On free and target model, you can set your goals. You will hear a voice tip when completing the target.

– Repetition Record

Every 10 times, App will voice broadcast the current count, so you do not need glance at the watch .

– Exercise time record

– hleart rate record

– Calorie calculation

– Integrates with the Apple Health Data

DunDun integrates with the Apple Health app to sync your workouts and record heart-rate data you just need to authorise the app to write/read health Data!

This app was built for the Apple Watch but also works on the iPhone, you can download DunDun for free here.

Custom Apple Watch Faces with AutomaticWatchFaces

We wrote an article a few weeks back about an app you could download that allowed you to install custom watch faces on your Apple Watch, however many users did not like the idea of installing a third party app from a Chinese site.

We have been testing a similar app called AutomaticWatchFaces that you can download yourself and install using Xcode. This app has several faces and requires a Mac with Xcode, the good thing about this is you are signing the app yourself, however you will need to side load this app every seven days unless you have a developer account.

The app is being updated often and you can always get the most decent version from here, there is also a Facebook group which you can join. The developer has also a YouTube video showing off how the app works.

I installed it and love the options it makes my watch more personal and looks great on my series 4. If you have never used Xcode before the developer has a step by step guide on how to install it onto your device. I highly recommend you give it a try and contact the developer with any wishes of faces you would like to see added.

App update News – Instagram Voice Messages

Welcome to our new series where we discuss prominent app updates. Not all app updates are worth talking about but sometimes an update will bring some great features.


What’s New

Introducing voice messaging

In any message thread, tap and hold the microphone icon to start recording a voice message. Release your finger to send.

Close friends list: Now, you can make a close friends list and share Stories with just those people. To add friends to your list, go to your profile and tap on

“Close friends” in the side menu.

Accessibility improvements: We’re improving

Instagram for people with visual impairments. We are automatically adding alternative text to photos on

Feed, Explore and Profile so people who use screen readers can hear what’s in the photo. We’re also letting you add custom alternative text to these photos.


Well it’s eleven days into 2019 and we have already completed some giveaways, now we have some more codes for you guys it’s a fantastic calculator app that we recently reviewed.

This app works on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. There are several codes which we included below:

Codes to allow Theming of the app














Codes to Remove Ad’s and also add result Log

















Codes for Calculator Pro add free, ability to theme and result logging













Obtain – my new favourite Apple Watch app for tracking my weight

For awhile now I’ve been seeing images of a weight tracking app on an Apple Watch over Instagram, and I was immediately drawn to it because of its subtle colours and simplicity.

For anyone who’s been reading our articles for awhile will know that as much as I like bright colours I love simplistic things more, something that does the job it says it’s going to do without being all in your face.

Obtain ticks all these boxes for me, I’ve been tracking my weight on and off for 8 years and it’s always fluctuated drastically in that time, currently I use about three or four apps to track my weight and track my fitness mainly because I used to be in the FitBit ecosystem before Apple released the Apple Watch and my Fitbit weighing scale doesn’t tie directly to Apple’s health app and so I have to use a third party app as the middle man.

Now the developer of obtain states that he has been developing lOS apps for the last 8+ years and has struggled with weight all his life and so he built an app as a way to help motivate him to stay on track. This grabbed my attention more because as someone who works 13 hour shifts plus runs a blog and has a family finding time for staying healthy.

I reached out to the developer who kept me updated as to when the watch app was ready and I’ve had it installed for a few days now, today was the first time I used the app on my watch to update my weight and it was hassle free and quicker than opening all the apps I normally have to use to update the health app.

I was able to get my body measurements all done in a few seconds then I could get on with my day. The app is free to download from the AppStore and an in-app purchase option of 99p for the pro model which gives you the following features:


Markers are mini, easier to reach goals will give you small victories on your way to your goal weight, which will help motivate you along the way.

Reminders Notifications:

Regular weigh-ins are a proven way for staying on track with your goals. Daily or weekly notification from the app are a great way to help with that.

Protect your data:

Set a passcode on the app that has to be entered before the app launches so only you can access the apps data.

Updating Weight from your wrist:

Update you wenght directly from your wrist with the Obtain watch app.

Future Pro Feature:

Obtain is new and there are many more feature and pro only features to come.

The 99p to support the developers hard work is worth every penny and the developer has kindly given us some free copies to giveaway to our readers simply click here to redeem your copy.

App update News – Private group reply for WhatsApp

Welcome to our new series where we discuss prominent app updates. Not all app updates are worth talking about but sometimes an update will bring some great features.


What’s New

• You can now reply to a group message privately in your 1:1 chat. Tap and hold a message in a group chat and select “More”, then “Reply Privately”.

• When editing a photo or video, you can tap the smiley icon to add stickers.

• From the Status tab, you can now 3D touch to preview a contact’s status.

Pandora adds back Apple Watch support with offline playback

When pandora removed support for the Apple Watch many users were outraged, finally the company has seen since and added back support plus they added offline playback for its paying members.

Pandora users must update to Version 1812.2 and be running watchOS 5, and be either a Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium user. The decision to drop the first generation watch makes sense as Apple made it easier for third party users in watchOS 5 to make apps with offline playback.

Pandora says “You asked, and we listened! By popular demand, we bring you a brand new, built-from-theground-up app that’s seamlessly integrated into the Apple Watch experience.”

Users can now:

– Access remote playback controls.

– Give your favorites a Thumbs Up directly from the Now Playing screen.

– Listen without an internet connection! Pandora Plus & Premium subscribers get access to offline content – no phone required.

– To get started, make sure you have watchOS 5 installed before updating Pandora.

Simply Fit for your Apple Watch

Undoubtedly one of the best use of the Apple Watch is fitness tracking, Simply Fit takes it to another level and helps you to Get stronger, lose weight & crush fitness goals with personal workout routines & suggestions based on your needs.

Improve your strength, endurance and mobility with Simple Fit the incredible fitness app that serves as a personal workout planner and tracker, as well as personal workout routine finder for your smartphone.

It will easily help you to achieve your fitness and health goals. Lose weight or gain muscle – create your custom workout plan and track your progress in one app! Get stronger & fit with Simple Fit!


Make the first step into a completely different life with this incredible fitness app for your iphone. If you are looking for an efficient way to achieve your fitness and workout goals, with the help of this workout app you will improve your strength, endurance and mobility. The workout trainer app offers strength workouts, for fitness studio and for workouts at home, as well for endurance workouts like running. Learn more about workout program and nutrition that suit you the most.

Simply Fit is free and available to download from the AppStore.

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