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How Apple and their partnership helped me start running

The partnership between Apple and Nike have enabled me to start running and enjoy running with just my Apple Watch and EarPods.

Box Skin for Kodi 18 Review

Kodi 18 Box Skin The Box Skin for Kodi 18, aka Leia, is the next review in our series from Tasso’s Tips©®. Developed by DJCISCO and inspired from Lightbox and nbox, it is the ultimate in simplicity and basic skin… Continue Reading →

Track flights easily on your Apple Watch and iPhone with FlightStats

Track flights easily and free on your Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad with FlightStats.

Today’s Free apps

Everyone likes free apps no matter if you are an Apple or Android fan and so today we have some apps that have gone free for our readers.

Apple has released iOS 12.1.4 to Fix Group FaceTime vulnerability

Apple has released iOS 12.1.4 to address the Group FaceTime security vulnerability.

New MacOS exploit discovered to steal passwords but developer won’t share with Apple

A New MacOS exploit discovered to steal passwords but developer won’t share with Apple over protest over the big bounty program.

Kodi 18 Rapier Skin Review

Kodi 18 Rapier Skin Review The Rapier Skin will be the first in our series of Compatible Skins for Kodi 18. Also know as Leia, it is currently (at time of publishing) at version RC 5.2 but is about to… Continue Reading →

Wrist Book Winners Announced

We recently did a review on wrist book Facebook for your Apple Watch, we ran a giveaway which had a fantastic number of responses and here are our list of winners, winners will have until 8pm on Tuesday 5th February… Continue Reading →

Facebook and Google abusing Apple’s Enterprise program

Both Facebook and Google are caught abusing Apple’s Enterprise program

New Activity Challenge coming

Apple Watch customers should be alerted on February 7th, of a new global activity challenge for all customers. The February Activity Challenge will be the first for 2019 after Apple missed this years New Year challenge and the rules are… Continue Reading →

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