Get a copy of Assassin’s Creed Unity for free on PC

In devastating light of the Notre Dame fire Ubisoft are giving away a copy of Assassin’s Creed Unity for free and urging all users to make a donation to the restoration and reconstruction of this beautiful cathedral.

Ubisoft day they want as many people as possible to enjoy the former glory of the cathedral before the devastating fire this week.

You can download the game free from April 17th at 15:00 to April 25th at 08:00 (your local time), you can download Assassin’s Creed Unity on PC for free here, and you’ll own it forever in your Uplay games library.

Never forget your iPhone again with WatchIt

Since the Apple Watch first launch I’ve seen several stories of users forgetting their iPhone when going out because they are so used to using their watch for their networking needs that grabbing your iPhone every few minutes is less of an urge. I’ve seen stories of people leaving iPhones in a restaurant only to realise a few hours later which by then is too late the iPhone is gone.

I’ve seen one app offer the ability to alert you but the reviews were so bad I decided to avoid and I tried one other app which caused Wifi issues that I deleted it completely.

Thankfully another developer has created an app that simply notifies you when you leave a set vicinity of your watch from your phone.

WatchIt allows you to choose from three options:

Low 2-8m (8-28ft)

Med 7-13m (22-42ft)

High 14-20m (48-68ft)

Once you have installed the app on both your iPhone and watch simply set your desired distance either in meters or feet and then toggle on. That’s it you can leave the app in the background and go about your day and then when you leave the preset vicinity you get a notification on your watch and your able to quickly go back and grab your iPhone.

WatchIt is just 99p which is a bargain and the developer has kindly given us several copies to giveaway to our readers. To enter simply send us a message either on Twitter here or Facebook here and we will pick winners at random.

Get a VPN for less and even win a month free

These days running a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is important if you want to keep your information safe. Connecting to a public wifi is easy and convenient but is also risky, You can easily have your personal information stolen within seconds. We have been using Private Internet Access (PIA) for over three years and cannot stress enough how easy their system is to use and knowing that paying for a coffee in my local Starbucks is not going to end up costing me a fortune online is priceless.

Private Internet Access offers fantastic prices if purchased for a year or more but some people only want a VPN for short periods of time so this is why we have teamed up to offer you great rates on a monthly basis with no hassle and no auto renewal fees.

Our Prices are just $3.00 (£3.00) a month paid via PayPal and automatically end after one month. You will be reminded via email just before it ends to offer you the chance to renew. To celebrate this amazing deal we are also giving our readers the opportunity to win a free month on us.

To purchase a one month subscription send us an email here, and enter simply fill in the form below to enter the competition if you purchase a subscription and then are chosen as a winner you will receive a full refund for that month as well.

Wrist Book Winners Announced

We recently did a review on wrist book Facebook for your Apple Watch, we ran a giveaway which had a fantastic number of responses and here are our list of winners, winners will have until 8pm on Tuesday 5th February 2019 (UK time) to contact us to claim otherwise we will pick new winners.

Daron Brewood (Facebook)

Ben Symon (Facebook)

Rich Knight (Twitter)

Robbie Swinton (Facebook)


Well it’s eleven days into 2019 and we have already completed some giveaways, now we have some more codes for you guys it’s a fantastic calculator app that we recently reviewed.

This app works on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. There are several codes which we included below:

Codes to allow Theming of the app














Codes to Remove Ad’s and also add result Log

















Codes for Calculator Pro add free, ability to theme and result logging













Obtain – my new favourite Apple Watch app for tracking my weight

For awhile now I’ve been seeing images of a weight tracking app on an Apple Watch over Instagram, and I was immediately drawn to it because of its subtle colours and simplicity.

For anyone who’s been reading our articles for awhile will know that as much as I like bright colours I love simplistic things more, something that does the job it says it’s going to do without being all in your face.

Obtain ticks all these boxes for me, I’ve been tracking my weight on and off for 8 years and it’s always fluctuated drastically in that time, currently I use about three or four apps to track my weight and track my fitness mainly because I used to be in the FitBit ecosystem before Apple released the Apple Watch and my Fitbit weighing scale doesn’t tie directly to Apple’s health app and so I have to use a third party app as the middle man.

Now the developer of obtain states that he has been developing lOS apps for the last 8+ years and has struggled with weight all his life and so he built an app as a way to help motivate him to stay on track. This grabbed my attention more because as someone who works 13 hour shifts plus runs a blog and has a family finding time for staying healthy.

I reached out to the developer who kept me updated as to when the watch app was ready and I’ve had it installed for a few days now, today was the first time I used the app on my watch to update my weight and it was hassle free and quicker than opening all the apps I normally have to use to update the health app.

I was able to get my body measurements all done in a few seconds then I could get on with my day. The app is free to download from the AppStore and an in-app purchase option of 99p for the pro model which gives you the following features:


Markers are mini, easier to reach goals will give you small victories on your way to your goal weight, which will help motivate you along the way.

Reminders Notifications:

Regular weigh-ins are a proven way for staying on track with your goals. Daily or weekly notification from the app are a great way to help with that.

Protect your data:

Set a passcode on the app that has to be entered before the app launches so only you can access the apps data.

Updating Weight from your wrist:

Update you wenght directly from your wrist with the Obtain watch app.

Future Pro Feature:

Obtain is new and there are many more feature and pro only features to come.

The 99p to support the developers hard work is worth every penny and the developer has kindly given us some free copies to giveaway to our readers simply click here to redeem your copy.

A New Giveaway for 2019

Welcome to another fantastic giveaway, today we are giving you guys the option to upgrade the free app Calculator Pro Lite we covered here, this time we are allowing you to add the ability to theme the app for free instead of paying the in-app purchase price.

This app works on your iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch, we will be giving away more codes soon for ad free version so stay tuned, Feel free to share this page with your family and friends.













What Giveaway would you like to see in 2019

Last year we held some amazing giveaways and this year we plan on doing the same but we want you guys to have a say on what you would like to see us give away in 2019. Select which ever you would like to see, you can vote for more than one.

New Years Eve Giveaway

Well it’s officially New Years eve here in the UK and whilst I won’t be partying due to work commitments, we decided to do a giveaway ready for 2019, yesterday we reviewed a calculator app for your Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone by appsycode and thanks to the developer we have codes to give away for this free app to remove ad’s and adds the ability to remember logs.

To enter simply fill in the form below and we will pick winners at random over the next few days. We would like to wish all of our visitors a very safe and Happy New year.

Last Christmas Giftcard Giveaway

With Christmas just 4 days away we are running one final gift card competition. The winner will receive an iTunes gift card with a value of £10/$10 or equivalent in other currencies. to enter fill in the form below and share this giveaway on your social feed.

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