Apple releases iOS 12.3.1

Apple has released iOS 12.3.1, this update includes bug fixes for voice over LTE calls as well as iMessage filtering and reporting, as notes by 9to5Mac:

  1. Fixes an issue that could prevent making or receiving VoLTE calls
  2. Fixes issues in Messages that could cause messages from unknown senders to appear in your conversation list even though Filter Unknown Senders is enabled
  3. Fixes an issue that could prevent the Report Junk link from appearing in Messages threads from unknown senders

iOS 12.3.1 comes almost two weeks after the official release of 12.3.

Sync your contacts with all the major social media sites

Keeping your contacts up to date can be such a mammoth task. For a while iOS users were able to allow Facebook to sync with your so they could automatically be updated, however, not everyone is on Facebook and the company has proven to be so underhanded in the way that they deal with your private information Apple removed this access.

Android users can still sync with Facebook but this does not resolve the issue for those who are on other social media platforms instead of Facebook.

Thankfully there is another way to update your contacts not only with Facebook but Instagram, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn. Sync.Me searches your social media accounts and syncs their contact information with their account.

Users can opt-in for their offer a paid upgrade to give you extra features, however, the free service is good enough to do the job.

Sync.Me is available on both the iPhone and Android. The app does also offer to sync profile images as well however if you are running iOS I recommend Vignette by Casey Liss.

Google announces Bank Holiday sales

As the Bank holiday approaches, companies start to announce deals, Google is one who has decided to offer a few. Here is a list of deals for you to snap up:

  1. Buy a Pixel 3 or 3XL and get a free case and Charging stand.
  2. Buy Pixel 3a or Pixel 3a XL and get a Pixel Case.
  3. Save £5 on Chromecast.
  4. Save £20 on Google Home Mini.

As always we advise you all to read Google’s terms and conditions, but overall these are a great deal if you are looking at getting one of these devices. Let us know if you grab one. Don’t forget to check out our post to get 3 months free google Music.

First look at Vignette

After hearing Casey Liss talk about his new application he was developing I was intrigued as I have previously looked for an app that updates your contact images and was unable to find one. As the weeks have gone by I have become more excited to try this app out and so today we download the newly released application Vignette.


Links to Vignette can be found here and is free to download and test and an in-app purchase of $4.99 for the fully working version.

Arm suspends business with Huawei

The UK-based chip designer ARM has reportedly informed staff via an internal memo to ‘suspend business’ with Huawei to comply with US trade restrictions. The reports come via the bbc.

Who is Arm

Founded in 1990 ARM is a chip designer, and was acquired by Japanese telecoms giant Softbank in September 2016. Arm remains in the UK and is based in Cambridge.

Why the decision to suspend business

Following the US Commerce Department’s decision to add Huawei to its “entity list” of companies with which American firms could no longer do business.

Arm Holdings, Cambridge, UK

The memo to staff on May 16th advised staff to send a note informing Huawei employees that due to an “unfortunate situation”, they were not allowed to “provide support, delivery technology (whether software, code, or other updates), engage in technical discussions, or otherwise discuss technical matters with Huawei, HiSilicon or any of the other named entities”.

Arm joins Google in issuing a ban, however, US government officials issued a 90-day reprieve on the restrictions in order to minimise immediate disruption. Google will work with Huawei during this 90 day period but a source at ARM said staff had not been told they could start working again with Huawei or its subsidiaries, even temporarily.

The saga of Huawei seems to develop every day and we will try to keep a close eye on events as they unfold as the consequences could affect individuals as well as companies, we urge you to read our opinion piece on US Vs Huawei.

EE announces 5G launch date and new 5G Devices

EE has officially announced the launch date for 5G, in a video posted to Twitter CEO Mark Allera announced that 5G will be launching on May 30th making it the first UK company to launch 5G. By the end of the year, EE has 5G sites in 10 more cities, and 1,500 5G sites across the UK. And there are 10 more towns and cities we’re targeting for 2020 – with more to be announced this year.

EE says they will be building onto their existing 4G sites. In a statement Mark says
“These 1,500 sites today make up 8% of our 4G network, but carry 25% of our traffic. We’re building our 5GEE network where our customers need it most.”
“By this time next year, we’re targeting more than 2,000 live 5G sites, and 5G in more than 50 towns and cities across the UK. 5G will not replace 4G – it adds to it. Our ambition is to connect our customers to 4G, 5G or WiFi 100% of the time.”
“What we’re launching today is very much Phase 1 of our #5GEE vision: giving customers the best data connection they’ve ever had, even where it’s busy. But I’m also confident THIS YEAR there’ll be customers on EE who’ll break the GB-per-second milestone on a smartphone”

Marc goes on to say that “In 2019, however, this is not about peak speeds in peak conditions – it’s about a reliable experience. In busy areas, #5G is going to give our customers an average uplift of around 150Mbps… and often far greater than that.”

EE also announced new 5G plans, a range of six new 5G smartphones and devices. From today, consumers and businesses can pre-order the new devices, including smartphones from Samsung, OnePlus, LG, and Oppo. EE is also announcing a 5GEE WiFi and 5GEE home broadband with pricing and availability to follow.

The new 5G Smart plans will give customers access to the UK’s first 5G network, BT Sport HD HDR, and an exclusive Gamer’s Data Pass with zero-rated data, as well as the chance to upgrade anytime, and get a device warranty for the duration of their contract.

Today’s Free apps


Everyone likes free apps whether you are an Apple or Android fan and so today we have some apps that have gone free for our readers.

iOS Apps

Awesome Voice Recorder X PRO


Emotions – Video Editor

Gravity Orange 2

Merc – commodity trading game

New York Offline Map

SkyBlueVPN: VPN & WiFi Proxy

Sleep Sounds: relaxing sounds

Translator app free



Apple Watch Apps

dB meter – noise measure

Android Apps

Box Hit! – Multi-colored 2.5D fun physics game

Gear Sun

Math Shot Adding withing 10

Vegatouch Mira

Weight Checker PRO

We hope you find these free apps useful, make sure you come back regularly for more deals. If you find any great apps that go

free or would like to promote your own app make sure you let us know. Make sure you check out my new personal blog digital nomad.

Is the Huawei ban as it seems?

Huawei has been in the news for months now and the story is far from over, yesterday we covered how Google had banned Huawei from using Android license.

Is it as bad as it seems

The ban by Google is not as bad as what it at first may seem, as Huawei can still use Open Source Android Project (OSAP). The downside to using the OSAP is that it is not the most recent OS version, and will require the company to update its OS for all devices. Huawei already uses its own OS in China and pushing out an update would not be that big of a deal.

A new license from the Commerce Department has been issued and will allow companies to continue to deal with Huawei whilst they source other alternatives for goods to maintain networks and push out updates for its smartphone lineup.

Why the ban

The original ban comes after President Donald Trump added Huawei and 69 entities to a list banned from buying American-made goods.

What is interesting is that other countries including the U.K. are still using Huawei for their 5G infrastructure. The UK and other countries have asked the USA to provide evidence of their being a security risk and have yet to be provided with any.

Huawei is prepared

Rumours had been rife for some time that the company had been stockpiling parts as they prepared well in advance for this eventuality. In an interview aired on China Central Television on Tuesday Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei said the temporary license is unnecessary as the company was already preparing for a U.S. ban.

Conspiracy Theories

Some tech experts suggest that the US sanctions could be less about security concerns and more about giving US companies time to play catch-up. Over the past several years US companies have become more reliant on China for parts and outsourcing technology requirements which have meant companies like Huawei have soared passed the country.

President Trump has been pushing companies such as Apple to bring production back into the US and currently the not only would the cost be too high to pay US workers but also the infrastructure and expertise are no longer there.

Apple once had an issue trying to source one particular screw for its Macbooks causing huge production issues and causing Apple to source them abroad. It is a known fact that US companies already practice cyber espionage and the possible threat is no more than a camouflage from the Presidents cabinet. Critics are starting to believe that the lack of evidence of any security issues is a play in the ongoing trade war with China.

What are the risks for us

Putting a ban on Huawei is not going to go without its knock-on effects as China will no doubt retaliate, companies source a lot of rare earth minerals for smartphones and batteries etc. from China. Roughly 71% of rare earth minerals were sourced last year from china, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Vice Premier Liu He visited visited the factory of JL MAG Rare-Earth in Ganzhou city, eastern China, where he learned about the “production process and operation” of the company, “as well as the development of the rare earth industry,” the state-run Xinhua news agency reported. JL MAG Rare-Earth specializes in magnetic rare earth elements.


China could use this as a barganing tool, they could either banning exports to the US or increase it’s tariffs making our products much more expensive.

Final Thoughts

As each day goes we are learning more and more and it certainly doesnt seem like there will be an end anytime soon. let us know what you think about the ongoing events of the US vs Huawei.

Apple extends its keyboard replacement to include 2018 models

Apple is extending its service program for MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboard repairs, the program will now include models released in 2018.

Initially the program only covered models of the Retina 12-inch MacBook, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and 15-inch MacBook Pro released between 2015 and 2017.

Apple introduced a small silicon membrane in 2018 models to try and alleviate the problem however this has shown little results.

ECG coming to Canada

When Apple first announced the Apple Watch series 4 they mentioned that the new ECG (EKG) feature would be available in the USA at launch and would gradually roll out to other countries once they had approval.

Since the launch of the series 4 we have seen several countries including the UK have recieved the ECG along with software updates. Canada could be the next country to get ECG as Health Canada’s website shows approvals for two active licenses from Apple: 102864 for the ECG app and 102866 for the irregular rhythm notification feature.

Now that the licences have been granted Apple has to enable the feature and could possibly be released with the next watchOS software update.

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