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Apple Music expands to the Amazon Fire TV

Apple Music is steadily expanding its territory on third party devices, Apple introduced Amazon Echo support in the USA back in December and is now rolling it out to the Fire TV as well. Apple says support will be coming… Continue Reading →

Amazon error gives a user access to 1,700 voice recording from a stranger

an Alexa in Germany attempted to access his own voice history as per GDPR rules, however, he suddenly found he was able to listen to around 1,700 voice recording from a stranger after an Amazon employee sent the wrong files… Continue Reading →

Apple Music is coming to the echo

Apple Music users will soon be able to enjoy their music collection on amazon echos, in a statement released by Amazon the ability is being added as an Alexa skill. Once it’s available, you’ll simply add the Apple Music skill… Continue Reading →

Remote App Basics for Fire TV

Remote App for Fire TV Remote App Basics for Fire TV , first published in Tasso’s Tips©® on 12/16/2016, has had a few updates. Where can I use the remote app ?: The Fire TV Remote App is available on:… Continue Reading →

Deezer comes to the Amazon Echo

The French music service Deezer has finally made its way to the Amazon Echo, up until today Echo users were able to use Amazon’s own music service or Spotify. Users will need the Premium+ Deezer account to work instead of… Continue Reading →

Alexa is having voice issues

Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa is having some issues currently, with lots of users reporting that their echo is either suffering with delayed responses or just total loss of connection. Down Detector is showing widespread outages reports. Some user are seeing messages… Continue Reading →

First Alert’s Onelink smart and carbon monoxide alarm with Alexa, Apple Airplay 2 and Google Assistant

First Alert is no strange to working with smart home products, the company launched Onelink smart and carbon monoxide alarm which was the first to hit the market with support for Apple’s HomeKit and includes voice feedback when alarms are triggered. First… Continue Reading →

Improving your smart home experience with a tp-link switch

Since I purchased my Amazon echo last November I have been totally addicted to the smart home scene, I have Phillips hue hub and bulbs, I tried the Google home and I am in the process of waiting for a… Continue Reading →

Spotify adds voice control to Alexa and better Sonos integration

Yesterday Sonos confirmed that customers can now play music from Spotify on its speakers with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Originally reported to The Verge, users must choose Spotify as their preferred service inside the Alexa app. Once they have chosen… Continue Reading →

Alex Pack by Kiwi Design

A few weeks back I reviewed the portable battery pack for the Amazon Echo Dot by Kiwi Design, the company has reached out to me with their latest design. The Alex pack helps give you more freedom than ever before,… Continue Reading →

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