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Facebook and Google abusing Apple’s Enterprise program

Both Facebook and Google are caught abusing Apple’s Enterprise program

Here’s how to turn off auto video play on Facebook

Here’s how to turn off the annoying auto play videos on Facebook.

New Facebook security break affects 6.8 million user share

New Facebook security break affects 6.8 million user share

Facebook User Who Uploaded Pirated Copy Of Deadpool Sentenced to 3 Weeks Prison

A 22-year-old California man Trevon Franklin uploaded a pirated copy of the movie Deadpool to Facebook in early 2016 has been sentenced to three weeks prison. The film was viewed 6,386,456 times after it was shared to the social media… Continue Reading →

Download Privy for a fresh way to share your Photo’s safely

With all the Facebook revelations still fresh in our minds it’s time for a change in the way we share our photo’s, Users find it difficult to find the main friends they follow thanks to Facebook’s algorithm. Privy comes to… Continue Reading →

Facebook adds Live Location to Messenger

Facebook is constantly adding new features to it’s Messenger client and has now defaulted to using the same text on it’s app update. Live Location is the latest to join the list of features that Facebook has added and is… Continue Reading →

How to enable tap login for Facebook on iOS

One tap logins are great if you have multiple Facebook accounts to manage, sometimes the one tap feature fails to appear, to get one tap login for Facebook to work again simply follow the guide below: 1. Open Facebook app… Continue Reading →

How to opt out of Facebook whatsapp new TOS if you have accepted

Yesterday we wrote on how to opt out of Facebook’s new TOS for whatsapp however, if you have already acceptedthe new TOS you have 30 days to opt out of data sharing. Please note the new TOS have yet to… Continue Reading →

How to opt out of whatsapp and Facebook ad sharing

By now everyone has probably headed that Facebook is updating their TOS with its whatsapp users So that they can share data about their whatsapp activities so they can better target it’s users with Ads.  Now Facebook already collects plenty… Continue Reading →

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