This week I released a video talking about the AirPods and tested them in various conditions, I also released a short podcast about the pro’s and con’s of the AirPods and I stated that I would be trying out the new Beats X.

I headed to the Apple store near me knowing that I wouldn’t be able to purchase a pair but wanted to test them out because they have the W1 chip like the AirPods but cost £129.99 ($149.95) compared to the £159 ($159).

The first thing I noticed was the earbuds seemed to fit much snugger than my previous urbeats, the sound quality was great and there was much less sound loss than in the AirPods.

The strap going around your neck isn’t completely solid so does have room to move with you and they don’t fall out of your ears no matter how much you shake your head. The wires coming from the earbuds down is nice and loose however after using the AirPods for a week it seems to now annoy me.

The comparison between the two in the way they connect was similar except you have to hold a button on the beats to power them on unlike the AirPods where you simply open their case.

The price difference in the U.K. is probably enough for some people to choose the beats over the AirPods however personally I’m sticking with the AirPods as the lack of wires suit my lifestyle. Let me know in the comments if you plan on buying either of these.

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