The Seattle-based tech company Microsoft is shutting down Cortana across multiple platforms, including Android, Apple’s iOS and iPadOS.

Microsoft first started removing the Cortana for iOS app from a number of regions early in 2020 as part of a strategy shift to a more productivity-focused assistant and now they have announced plans to shut down the iOS and Android versions of the apps entirely.

Microsoft Will end support for all third-party Cortana skills on September 7 2020. The company has confirmed that in early 2021, they will stop supporting the Cortana app for mobile (iOS and Android), because you can now manage your calendar and email, join meetings, and do so much more via our new productivity-focused experiences — like the Cortana Windows 10 experience, Cortana integration in Outlook mobile, and soon Cortana voice assistance in the Teams mobile app.

Users of Harman Kardon invoke speaker are also loosing the assistant as Microsoft says “after careful consideration, we’ve decided to end support for the Cortana service integration in the Harman Kardon Invoke speaker in January 2021. We know that most of our customers primarily use the Invoke to play music because of its premium quality sound. To make sure you can keep listening to music or your favorite podcasts, we’ve worked closely with Harman Kardon to create a Bluetooth-enabled device transition plan that we hope will help ease the impact of this change.

Customers who receive a firmware update from Harman Kardon in early 2021 will still be able to continue listening to their favorite music, podcasts, and radio stations on their Invoke via Bluetooth. The firmware update will be delivered automatically to devices connected to Wi-Fi within six months of its release. Once the Invoke is updated, Cortana will no longer be accessible on the device.