We show you an updated version on how to get fully working custom Apple Watch faces on your watch.

Installing the app

You can install the app from here, when grey tap the icon once for it to begin installing. You will need to trust the app by going to settings -> general-> Profile and device management then scroll down to the enterprise section and open and click trust.

Keeping the watch face on screen at all times

Make sure your watch settings are set to keep the last app used for this to stay on watch permanently or it will automatically switch back to the previous face. In the watch app, go to general – wake screen and keep the Last app as always.

Pin Code

Since we wrote this article the app has received several updates and now requires a pin for new customers please visit the creators facebook page and group for this information, currently the invitation code is 776199 this may change so please sign up to their group (DO NOT Message us for codes) we do not send pin codes.

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