A few weeks ago we covered the benefits of using the Day One Journaling App, at the time we covered all it’s uses and conveniences and whilst it’s still a fantastic service I decided to switch to Notability. This article describes why I decided to make this change from a dedicated journaling app to a writing app.

Day One Benefits and Concerns

Day One offers both a free tier and a paid tier and I am a premium subscriber, they offer iCloud backup and the ability to also export to PDF as a backup option but also as a way of printing out your journal. Day One allows you to include, Photo’s, video’s, voice memos, tags, locations and much more.

My main concern is that if the Company sells themselves off or shutdown then it leaves my personal information either open to the control of another company or worse still to be lost forever.

After mulling over my concern i decided to export my Journal as a backup, one downside to adding voice memos or videos means you cant have those included in a PDF format which I understand, however, Once exported I wasn’t impressed with the way the journal had laid out my photo entries, they looked just like an A4 piece of paper with one photo. My journal has several entries with multiple photos and so my PDF looked like a piece of paper and a photo dumped randomly on each piece of paper.

I have been unable to find an easy way to modify the layout and for a premium app this wasn’t acceptable and this very reason alone made me decide to explore my other options.

Notability Wins

I recently downloaded Notability as I wanted to use my Apple Pencil to write journal entries which I could export as a PDF then include into Day One, yet with notability I am able to keep the handwritten note as is until i want to export the whole thing  as a PDF.

Notability has the ability to allow users to import templates easily and so I was able to locate a free Journal Template which I liked and from there I am able to type entries or write with the Apple Pencil. With the Template I know exactly how the Journal will look when I finally export the PDF.

When I searched online I discovered a whole trove of templates available both for free and for sale on sites such as etsy. The possibilities are endless. My true hope is that Cortex will release a paid template of their existing Journal that they sell as i prefer a digital journal over a standard one, however, Even if they don’t there are plenty of options available.

At the time of writing this article I still hold a paid subscription to Day One as I wish to continue to support all their hard work and I hope that in the future they will add easier options for users to adjust the layout for their own needs.