CoolStar releases a new jailbreak tool called “Electra” for Developers

CoolStar releases a new jailbreak tool called “Electra” for Developers

iOS developer CoolStar has released a new jailbreak for all devices running iOS 11.0-11.1.2, this tool called “Electra” is for Developers who want to update their tweaks. The Electra website points out, the tool includes and excludes the following features:

  • Cydia, DPKG and APT are NOT included
  • GNU CoreUtilities are included
  • Dropbear, SCP and an SFTP server are running on ports 22 and 2222
  • Tweaks are installed in /bootstrap/Library/SBInject
  • Themes are installed in /bootstrap/Library/Themes
  • PreferenceLoader is configured to check /bootstrap/Library
  • Tweaks that crash SpringBoard will cause the device to respring into Safe Mode
  • All binaries must be signed using either jtool or ldid2
  • Executables must be signed with the platform-application entitlement
  • Binaries and libraries should be installed in /bootstrap/usr/
  • An uninstall script is available at /bootstrap/
  • (Note this will only uninstall Electra)

General jailbreak users are advised to avoid trying to use Electra and wait on a complete jailbreak tool once Saurik completes the Mobile Substrate for iOS 11 which will utilize a dyld-hooking implementation rather than deploying a jailbreakd.

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