Have you Jailbroken and miss some of your favourite apps? Or are you afraid to jailbreak because you won’t be able to use them? Well we have some great news.

Dtathemes has been working on a tweak that will help hide your jailbroken status so you can enjoy your apps no matter if your jailbroken.

Titled hideout the app fools the checks run by these apps to detect if your jailbroken, I mean come on DirecTV who cares if my device is jailbroken I still want to be able to access your content.

This tweak is worth its weight in gold and you can tell the developer has on a lot of work into it.

It currently supports:-
Time Warner Cable
Numberbook Social
Brighthouse TV

The developer has confirmed he is looking into other apps to offer support but due to some of the complexities if he can support ones such as Barclays Banking app or Sky Go app.

This is not the first tweak we’ve seen by dtathemes and we know it won’t be the last. Check out our review of Mythos.