Apple touts it’s iPhones as some of the most secure devices on the market, however according to Ryan Duff, director of cyber solutions at Point3 Security there is a new tool available which could access any iPhone / iPad on the market.

Point3 Security is based in Baltimore and are offering its ‘Grey Lock’ software that hey claim can bypass the security of an iOS powered device. The software appears to have access to similar exploits as “Cellebrite”, a probable hack that targets Apple’s Secure Enclave.

Apple’s Secure Enclave is an isolated chip in iPhones that handles encryption keys. The Secure Enclave makes it especially time-consuming to carry out brute forcing by incrementally increasing the time between guesses, up to an hour for the ninth attempt onwards. But if it can be broken, the speed to guessing the right password can be improved. So far Apple declined to comment on Grayshift’s claims.

Original source Forbes