Many people like to use Kodi but not everyone knows how to download a film or tv show to watch later, this guide will tell you how to.

Step 1
Open Kodi

Step 2
Click Video

Step 3
Click Add on’s

Step 4
Click and hold on genesis then click on add on settings

Step 5
Click Configure

Step 6
Scroll across to downloads and set your download path

Step 7
Then scroll to playback and change the host selection to either directory or folder depending on what is available

Step 8
Click ok and go to the film/TV show you want to download

Step 9
Highlight the stream you want
Step 10
Press c and click download  Step 11
Download will now be added to a queue

Step 12
Once you are ready go back and click downloads  Step 13
Click start download

Step 14
There is an option to click download status to see the status of your downloads.

We hope this helps, Enjoy!