Apple is constantly on the attack against signing services and with a whistleblower out there after having his app denied for stealing users data. A certificate has been created that can be installed to stop the revoking process.

Once installed the certificate can be found under VPN settings but VPN does not need to toggled on and users are good to go. This works on both cellular and Wifi, however if you restart your device you need to leave your device unlocked for around 10 seconds for the certificate to work.


I’m sure we will see more and more signing services implement this feature or their own version soon, who knows if Apple will overcome this at any point but for now it works, you can install the certificate from here. Full credit to @JosephShenton who is currently using AppDB’s dns server temporarily in a tweet Joseph confirmed “I am currently using AppDB’s dns server temporarily while I get mine up and running which will also allow installation of expired and revoked cert.” We also talk briefly how to do this on periscope here.