If you are a Sky broadband customer you may find that some of the awesome sites you want to visit or apps are blocked.


There are three ways you can overcome this, first is to log in on your sky account and turn off Sky shield, the second step if your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is still blocking:
-Log into router 

-type into your browser search bar

-Go to advanced 

-IP Lan

-Untick both boxes with ipv6 next to them.

-Reboot your router

This will typically allow access to hose sites / apps however if they are still blocking then you last step is to get a VPN, whilst there are several free ones some of these will give up your personal information in the event of a court order so to protect yourself even more is to purchase a subscription either monthly or yearly with PIA (Private Internet Access) this company keeps the bare minimum data so that in the event of a court order they have little to give and if you want extra security you can even pay with a gift card or bitcoin so making the tracking process nearly impossible, their prices are low and worth every penny. You can purchase your subscription here