i0n1c (Steffan Esser) has teased followers on twitter today after he posted a picture of his iphone with the apple watch icon and the cydia icon next to each other, this has sparked a mass of tweets and discussions with some calling the picture fake and others praising it as proof that jailbreaking is possile on 8.4.

i0n1c released an early jailbreak at around IOS 4, and runs iOS kernel exploitation training and has sparked many heated debates by calling out the Pangu jailbreak team claiming they stole his work.

i0n1c has spent the day posting teaser tweets about jailbreaking and Just a few moments ago he posted a youtube video showing the apple watch app running along with the new music app in 8.4 and also the new emoji’s in 8.3 and also cydia running. 

This video will no doubt spark more discussion about the validity of his claims but one thing for certain is that this video gives hope to all those who have lost the jailbreak and also to those hanging onto a lower ios in order to preserve their jailbreak.