The once highly popular site iMZDL has announced its closed down, their site reads

Today (12/1/15) marks the last day of iMZDL aka iModZone Downloads. iMZDL was a subdivision of iModZone which opened up in 2008 after the iPhone and iPod Touch were released. We opened iMZDL as iModZone Downloads when Apple released iOS 4 to developers and grew at a fast pace since then. We saw an amazing demand and we were the leading Apple beta download site. iModZone Downloads took over all our resources and we took down iModZone and kept iMZDL.

iMZDL still plans to sell UDID Registrations as well as iOS/OS X Developer Accounts until 12/31/15 and will still operate the iMZDL social media accounts to provide updates to iOS & OS X beta releases.

iMZDL are looking to sell iMZDL and all of its projects either in one or separate package(s). 

Let us know what you think about this change? Will you be looking to purchase any part of it.