We look at Apple’s push for FaceTime Audio on iOS 12

Ever since Apple introduced FaceTime I’ve used it probably a handful of times as video talking to someone isn’t high on my list however over the past month or so I’ve used FaceTime Audio more because my iPhone is always on wifi at home and work and I have unlimited data for when I’m away from home.

FaceTime Audio is crystal clear and means that my 200 minutes I get each month I can use to call the few people I know who either do not own an iPhone or for when I need to call landlines.

Now with iOS 12 you can FaceTime up to 32 people but also in the messages tab when you tap the recipient to get their details you now have audio FaceTime and info.

The audio tab is FaceTime Audio and then you have the FaceTime video chat, meaning Apple really is focusing all in on using their FaceTime platform. FaceTime calls are convenient if you are calling iPhone users and are also encrypted.

Now I know not everyone will love this new feature but ensuring your data is encrypted as much as possible is always a good thing in my book.

Update: Apple has now added a feature to call the phone number as well as FaceTime Audio on iOS 12 Beta 2.