Apple has released iOS 13.4 beta 5 to developers. We look at what’s new in this latest release.

iCloud folder sharing

First promised at WWDC19 Apple has brought the promised iCloud folders sharing. This feature has been available on Google Drive for a long time and is one feature that has stopped many switching over to iCloud backup.

With the iOS 13.4, iPadOS 13.4, and macOS 10.15.4 release, users can finally share iCloud folders.

Combined iOS and Mac purchases

Apple will finally make it possible for developers to sell iPad and iPhone apps bundled together. The new Xcode 11.4 beta automatically enables “unified purchases” for new Catalyst-based apps, but existing apps can enable the feature, too.

The change also includes in-app purchases which can be shared across Mac and iOS versions of an app, if the developer enables unified purchasing.

New Memoji stickers

There are nine new types of Memoji stickers.

Unconfirmed Features

The following features are unconfirmed yet:

CarPlay features and CarKey

There is evidence that iOS 13.4 and watchOS 6.2 will include a new “CarKey” API that lets car makers build apps that integrate with Wallet, and then let you use your iPhone or Apple Watch as your key to lock, unlock, or start your car (provided your car has NFC key capabilities).

CarPlay is apparently adding new navigation and call controls for third-party apps, but we’ll need to wait for app updates in order to see how they work.

New Mail toolbar

The Mail app has a new toolbar, with four common functions: Send to Trash, Move Message, Flag, and Reply. The Reply button opens a panel with a host of common functions like reply, reply all, forward, and archive.

OS Recovery

The folks at 9to5Mac have discovered a currently inactive “OS Recovery” feature in iOS 13.4 Beta 3. It would allow iPhone or iPad users to recover the OS with a direct online connection or a connection to another iPhone (similar to the migration tool). This would be a huge step forward, as OS recovery on iPhones currently requires plugging it into a Mac or PC. Macs already have this feature, and it would be a big improvement to see it come to iOS devices.

How to get the iOS or iPadOS 13.4 beta

Registered iOS developers can head to Apple’s developer profiles Apple’s developer profiles on the device to which you want to install the new beta software. From there, you can download and install a profile. Public beta testers can register here.

Make sure the profile is enabled by heading to Settings > General > Profile. Once the profile is installed and your iPhone or iPad is reset, you will receive iOS and iPadOS betas the same way you would regular updates: go to Settings > General > Software Update.