iPaWind at one point was undoubtedly one of the more popular signing service yet for awhile they closed their doors to sales and after several weeks reopened them with a massive price increase. Since then the company has hit numerous problems with users unable to use their service and iPaWind not responding to tweets or emails.

Since January 18th 2017 there was no tweets from them until yesterday evening when they suddenly tweeted their new project however they haven’t responded to us or many of the users who have been without service some as many as six months, users are understandably upset that iPaWind took their money and run only to later resurrect with a new version and ready to take users money again.

We have no information as to what their prices will be however considering users paid $30 for only 6 months use seems like a scam to me and one I will certainly be avoiding when they relaunch. We encourage our users to do the same and to only use signing services linked on our site as we have tried and tested them.