Ireland has launched it’s COVID-19 tracing app today, the app uses the API created by Apple and Google. The COVID-19 Tracker appwas released to the App Store today by the Health Service Executive.

The app has three primary functionalities:
Contact tracing
COVID-19 check-in for monitoring symptoms and tracking how you feel
Updates and information for the latest facts and figures about coronavirus in Ireland

The app uses Bluetooth technology and anonymous IDs to log:
Any phone you are in contact with that also has the app installed
The distances between your phone and other phones that use the app
The length of time your phone is near other phones that use the app

The app downloads a list of anonymous ID’s every 2 hours of those who have tested positive and if you have been in close contact with any of these you are alerted and advised to restrict your movement and seeing testing.

The release comes ahead of the UK Government after they wasted millions on pounds building their own version only to abandon the project in favour of the Apple, Google version but have yet to announce a launch date. Ireland residents can download the new app here.