For anyone who likes keeping track of upcoming movies, a new app called Kernel is definitely the one for you. This app allows you to track your favourite movies and alerts you on your Apple Watch.

I love a variety of Movies but if you were to ask me when a certain film I wanted to watch was out I wouldn’t be able to tell you, however with Kernel I’m always able to know when it’s launching.

This app is easy to use and more importantly comes with an Apple Watch app. With the watch app, there is also the feature where you can force touch Movie list to watch between full and compact mode.

When you are in the app in movie details a simple force touch will allow you to set that movie as the complication for your watch face.

Kernel is free to download from the AppStore and allows you to have up to 3 movies in your watchlist, however for just $1.99 you will be able to remove this limit, no ads and full access to the blog section.

This app comes from the creator / YouTuber Nikias Molina previously Apple World and developed by Brian Minor of the weight tracking app obtain. The designer of the app is Ryan Verbeek and Blog Director James Ash.