Rapier Skin

Rapier Skin

Kodi 18 Rapier Skin Review

The Rapier Skin will be the first in our series of Compatible Skins for Kodi 18. Also know as Leia, it is currently (at time of publishing) at version RC 5.2 but is about to be released as a final candidate.

First of all, before I proceed, I need to thank everyone who sent well wishes to myself and my Family after our devastating loss of our eldest son. Your kind words were greatly appreciated and helped us get thru this nightmare. Hence my absence, but time does heal and getting back to “work” here does help. Thank You All.

Because many devs are in the process of converting their Add-ons to be compatible with Leia, there is a limited number of add-ons working. However this list growing everyday. The same can be said for Skins as well.

What I have found is the list of “Builders” who create their own build have also designed one that works with Kodi 18. Therefore, you may see a Build reviewed here as well.

Installing Rapier Skin for Kodi 18

For the ease of creating the screenshots for this review, I have Kodi 18 RC 5.2 installed on my PC.

Developed by Scarfa and Gade, the current version 11.2.29.

  • Selecting the Cog Icon found on the main home page-Photo A
  • Then selecting Interface icon – Photo B.

Rapier Skin

  • As a result, click on Get More as shown in Photo A above.
  • Scroll down Rapier and select, as shown in Photo B.

Confirming Rapier Skin Install

Rapier Skin

Once the installation is complete, you will be prompted to accept the change. Click on Yes to continue. The screen you will now see is the new Interface Screen in Settings. To exit, if using a PC with a mouse- Right click the mouse or use the ESC key on the keyboard. If using an Android Box with a remote, use the Back key to exit to the main Home Screen.

Movies and TV Show Icons

Rapier Skin

The following photos are an example of what to expect once the Rapier Skin is installed. Therefore, these photos are done in order as they appear moving from left to right. Once you have configured in Skin Settings what Movies or TV Shows will be seen, they will appear here. For more information on how to complete this, please click here.

Add-ons and Games

Rapier Skin

As shown in Photo C, there is a group of Sub-Icons located under Add-ons for easy access.

  1. Shortcut to Video Add-ons.
  2. Music Add-ons.
  3. Picture Add-ons.
  4. Program Add-ons.
  5. Add-on Browser (more info below).
  6. Search Add-ons. Self explanatory.

Games, as shown in Photo D, is the new feature found in Kodi 19/Leia. Any games you may have installed may be accessed here.

Pictures and General Icons

Rapier Skin

Same as Movies and TV Shows, Pictures (Photo E) will appear here once you have configured your Skin. See link provided earlier for more information.

In Photo F, General has some important access icons that will come in handy.

  1. Favorites, instead of scrolling down to Favorites from the menu found on Krypton it’s located here. Keep in mind that other skins will have many of these icon shortcuts located elsewhere.
  2. File Manager, I will show more info and detail a bit further on in this article.
  3. Search, allows you to easily search anything installed in Kodi 18.
  4. Weather, when selected and if you have the weather feature enabled will give you access to change the settings. As you can clearly see, once enabled it will appear as shown above.

System and Power Icons

Rapier Skin

Photo G, System: Shortcuts to the following.

  1. Settings, a shortcut to the Interface page.
  2. Skin Settings, where you are able to configure alter or change the skin settings.
  3. Add-ons, one of many ways to access the Add-on Browser.
  4. Profiles, want to add a new profile without installing another version of Kodi ? That can be done here. Tho created for Krypton, the method is still done the same. Please use this link for more info.
  5. Events, gives you access to what you have done, installed, deleted since starting Kodi for that session.
  6. System Info, shows you the info about the device/system that kodi is installed on. As you can see in the Photo above, some of the basic info about the PC is visible. More detailed info will be shown once this icon is selected.

Power as indicated in Photo H, will be based on what device you happen to be using. Numbers 1. EXIT KODI & 2. RESTART KODI are self explanatory. Numbers 3 thru 7 depending on what device you’re using may or may not be seen or needed.

Music and Videos

Rapier Skin

Any Music Files or Video Files you may have downloaded via a Hard drive or USB Flash Drive will be found here.

File Manager in Rapier Skin

Rapier Skin

To access File Manager, go to General Icon then select File Manager in the sub-menu.

Rapier Skin

Consequently, you will now see where you can enter a new source. As seen in Photo A, select Add Source to continue.

In Photo B, click on None to add your source.

Rapier Skin

In the space provided as seen in Photo A, enter the url using the provided keyboard or use yours if using a PC, Laptop. Please make sure the URL is entered exactly as provided. Missing a letter or adding a space will void that source link. Select Done when completed.

In Photo B, enter a name that you will be able to recognize later on. Click on OK to continue.

Add-on Browser

Rapier Skin

Finally, to access the Add-on Browser, go to Add-ons as shown in Photo A above, and select Add-on Browser.

Photo B indicates what is available. From here you may open

  • My Add-ons, where you will have access to All Add-ons installed in Kodi 18.
  • Install from Repository, open any repo you have installed. From there you are able to install any Programs- Video Add-ons- Look and Feel etc.
  • Install from Zip File, select this for any file sources you may have downloaded via File Manager or from a HD or Flash Drive.
  • Not shown but will appear here if there are any Add-ons that have an Update available. This will only occur if you have disabled auto update. This is found in SystemSystem, Add-ons found in left side menu then Updates.

In Conclusion

I hope you have found this article helpful and informative. As with the other and future reviews, the intent was to give the user an opportunity to see what the Rapier Skin looks and feels like. You may have considered to try a new skin, but may be reluctant to try it

These reviews hopefully will help you understand what the to expect of the Skin if installed. For more great articles on a wide variety of topics, please stop by GeeksCorner and give us a look.

If for some reason you can not locate the Rapier Skin in Interface, you can get the zip file from here.