When Livebox first launched it was an overnight success, however, when it closed it was open sourced and we can confirm that it has been picked up by another person. 

Currently named LiveTv we interviewed them and asked some burning questions users had.

1. Q. LiveBox used to work on both iOS and tvOS will yours do the same?

A. Yes LiveTv will be the same, I’m planning to take this project as further as possible

2. Q. Will you be looking for donations?

A. I am not looking for donations but if people are willing to donate, I’ll be grateful.

3. Q. Will you be keeping the Livebox logo?

A. I am not going to keep the logo , I’m planning on fresh look.

4. Q. Do you plan on taking channel requests?

A. Yes in the future. 

5. Q. Do you plan on adding a record feature?

A. I’m planning to put Record feature Very soon, first of all need to make sure that everything alright inside the app.
LiveTv is currently in beta and is available on Ipwnstore. Keep your eyes on this app it has potential to be huge.