Microsoft and Sony have been working hard to restore internet platforms for their Xbox and PlayStation gamers’ consoles after a Christmas Day attack which disabled the online services making it difficult for users to log on.

A message on the Xbox status page on Friday stated

live core services were “up and running.”

Meanwhile, PlayStation said its engineers were continuing to work on “network issues”.

A hacking group called Lizard Squad which have targeted Sony in the past claimed they were going to attack the networks early hours of Christmas morning there were several messages exchanged between lizard squad and FinestSquad after finestsquad said they were going to stop the attacks.

In another twist it would seem that KimDotCom came to users rescue when they offered lizard squad 3000 mega vouchers for premium membership if they stopped the attack so that he and everyone else could enjoy their gaming experience on Christmas Day, the clause being that if the attacks resumed the vouchers would be terminated.

Let us know if you were affected by the attacks.