We regularly look for apps and tweaks to help the user experience on their smart devices and sometimes it comes form the most common places such as the AppStore and sometimes it comes from places we wouldn’t normally discuss. 

Today it’s a little different, originally this tweak was discovered by Boomhackz and the tweak comes from a pirates repo (Don’t shoot the messenger). Normally we wouldn’t discuss this sort or repo however we have done a whole lot of research and cannot find a paid copy or another copy of this tweak elsewhere so it looks like it’s an exclusive to their repo. 

The tweak works similar to Bridge and is called Mimport it allows users to import downloaded music and videos directly into the Apple Music app. 

The tweak works flawlessly with YouTube++ and once you have downloaded your chosen song or video you simply select option and open with mimport and within a few seconds you have access to all the ID tags to rename the song and album and even the artwork to how to you like. 

Now as this is a pirates repo it’s your choice if you want to in stall the tweak and if we later discover that there is infact a Paid version of the same tweak we will amend this accordingly, in the meantime you can download Mimport from here