I’ve owned every Apple Watch since the Series 2 and I have to say with every generation I find it more addictive to wear, Apple has made owning the Apple Watch a must have device rather than just an an add-on to the iPhone. I own the cellular watch and using it without taking my phone is great and helps me feel free and not tied to my phone, however one thing that really bugs me is the scribble feature on the watch, I know you can use dictation however when your in a busy place I don’t want to be shouting for Siri to understand me.

This is where Modality comes in, Modality reduced the keypad to four buttons which allow you to type easily on Apple Watch. I first saw this advertised on the Appstore and so I reached out to the developer to test this application for two reasons.

1. because as I mentioned I hate the current way of typing on the Apple Watch.

2. I really like to see developers individual way they make using the Apple Watch even more addictive.

When I first started writing this article I had the app installed for about an hour and had just started playing with it to see what it offers however at this point I’ve had the app for over 24 hours and I’ve used it a lot. In the app description the developer wrote

After I finished making Modality for Apple Watch, I sent out probably 50 texts in the first week – partly because I was excited, but mostly because it was easier than pulling my phone out of my pocket.

I honestly assumed this was just a line to help sell the app but after using it myself I can actually see that sending messages is so much easier. I used my watch several times and sending messages is just so much faster than the whole scribble feature that apple seems to want to stick to, one feature I really like was the ability to view and pick emojis fast and I personally think that this app will be my go to for sending messages. You can purchase Modality for £2.99 and the developer of Modality has kindly given us some copies to giveaway and to enter all you have to do is fill in the form below and we will pick winners at random.