A few days back we reported that movie HD was closing app off to new users, it turns out in the process many existing users were also cut off. 

There has been a new link out out however this does not work either and also access the devices IMEI number that many people were not aware of. 

This sort of strange tactic is t unusual from these guys who randomly cut off all HD Cinema users claiming the MPAA were involved but released a skyhd then the movie HD app. 

Whilst we are not saying their intentions are malicious their tactics do seem strange and so we would like to point our alternative saps for android users. 

  • Cartoonhd 
  • PlayboxHD 
  • Showbox
  • Megabox HD
  • newest movies HD

Let us know if you plan on sticking it out with movies HD or changing and if so what’s your app of choice.