So for the past few weeks I’ve been testing music apps and one of the first ones I came across was an app called Music is Me. 

I’ve found it difficult to find a good streaming app that also allows downloads so I decided as more and more companies offer unlimited internet or large data package sand also the cheaper wifi prices I decided that streaming was more important. 

Music is Me is one that has an easy interface that doesn’t require a login to just stream, it allows users to search for a song and if it isn’t available you can become a member for free and then request a song. 

I found that a rock band called Hinder wasn’t on their so I registered in a few seconds and requested two songs from that band and in under 10 minutes they were available to stream. 

The app also offers music videos where available, and as this app is free I have to say that the service is very very good. 

The app is available from cydia free from here.

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Sponsored by Blueleafhosting for all your hosting needs