Since the Apple Watch first launch I’ve seen several stories of users forgetting their iPhone when going out because they are so used to using their watch for their networking needs that grabbing your iPhone every few minutes is less of an urge. I’ve seen stories of people leaving iPhones in a restaurant only to realise a few hours later which by then is too late the iPhone is gone.

I’ve seen one app offer the ability to alert you but the reviews were so bad I decided to avoid and I tried one other app which caused Wifi issues that I deleted it completely.

Thankfully another developer has created an app that simply notifies you when you leave a set vicinity of your watch from your phone.

WatchIt allows you to choose from three options:

Low 2-8m (8-28ft)

Med 7-13m (22-42ft)

High 14-20m (48-68ft)

Once you have installed the app on both your iPhone and watch simply set your desired distance either in meters or feet and then toggle on. That’s it you can leave the app in the background and go about your day and then when you leave the preset vicinity you get a notification on your watch and your able to quickly go back and grab your iPhone.

WatchIt is just 99p which is a bargain and the developer has kindly given us several copies to giveaway to our readers. To enter simply send us a message either on Twitter here or Facebook here and we will pick winners at random.