Reports by a worker who claims to work in a Foxconn factory claims that a larger iPad is in the works and claims to have photos of a rear shell.

The employee also specifies that the phases of testing (EVT) launched in the course of last summer were halted following the recent approval by Apple’s last prototypes made by a subcontractor and that production top boxes that will host the components of this iPad XXL is about to start.


The person who took the photo claims the thickness is between 6.9 and 7.5mm. Notably, in the image we can see additional speaker holes at the top of the device supporting claims that the larger iPad, possibly called the iPad Pro or iPad Plus will have stereo speakers. Previous reports suggest that the iPad will feature a 12.2-inch LCD and be 7mm thick.

Let us know what do u think of this idea of a larger iPad would you consider buying one?