Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has led an international investigation into the recent WannaCry attack which hit the NHS (National Health Service) in May locking computers and demanding payment for them to be unlocked. Security sources say the NCSC believes that a hacking group known as “Lazarus” launched the attack. The same group is believed to have targeted Sony Pictures in 2014 as the company planned to release the movie The Interview, a satire about the North Korean leadership starring Seth Rogen.

The US Computer Emergency Response Team has also warned about Lazarus. The Lazarus group is also thought to have been behind the theft of money from banks. The NCSC believe ehe ransomware did not target Britain or the NHS specifically, and may well have been a money-making scheme that got out of control and the hackers do not appear to have retrieved any of the ransom money as yet. Although the group is based in North Korea the exact role of the leadership in Pyongyang in ordering the attack is less clear.

Original Source BBCNews