Notability has been around for sometime now and is an app that has continued to receive updates over time.

With so many apps out there claiming to offer similar functions we wanted to see if Notability is still a good choice in 2020.

Currently Notability is priced at £8.99 for iOS and £9.99 for MacOS, the iOS app also has several in app purchase options Winter, Bubblegum Pack, Spring, Summer, Fall and Handwriting Recognition.

The app itself is easy to use and makes writing a joy, it works well with the Apple Pencil for natural handwriting and if you don’t want to use an Apple Pencil you can type with the regular keyboard.

A quick search online provided plenty of third party template options as well to go with the application if the stock list isn’t enough. At the time of writing this review my favourite options are the stock lined paper feel.

I also used the app to import a photo of a checklist for work and was able to easily write over the image to make notes and even simulate check boxes. The app allows you to sync with several cloud storage solutions including but not limited to Google Drive and Dropbox.

Personally I have enjoyed handwriting my notes and then sending the note as a PDF into the Day One journal app, this process worked seamlessly. The app also has the ability to sort your files into categories so you always know where your files are.

Currently we have only scratched the surface of what the app can do but I love the app so much that I can confirm that Notability is still a good choice in 2020. If you would like us to giveaway a copy of Notability make sure you vote and let us know here.