When it comes to loosing keys I am the king, it’s something that I hate doing but somehow manage to do frequently, my wife goes nuts when I lose them and I get annoyed at myself so I searched the market for something that will help me find them.

There are several on the market however one of the best reviewed were Trackr, most sights I read gave them the best ratings so I decided to spend the extra and order the trackr as they came with replaceable battery and had a special offer of getting two free trackrs and only charged $10 to ship to the UK.

My first hurdle came when I tried to order via their website no matter how many times I selected PayPal I would get directed to sign in which I did and automatically booted back to the sign in screen, (this should have been my first warning) I put it down to a website issue but I went to their online chat and explained my situation, the person on the other end was helpful if not a little slow but asked me for all my information then sent me a PayPal invoice to my email which i completed whilst talking to them and i was informed i would get an email with my order number within 24 hours.

After 48 hours I received no email so I tried their online tracker which asked for my email and telephone number, the adviser didn’t take my telephone number so I couldn’t log into track so I tried their online chat which no one seemed to be available so I took the next step to tweet them, I was given an email address which I used, 48 hours and still no reply, this is when I realised my nightmare had just begun. I tweeted again and was again advised to email now I was not happy, several tweets later and boom I got an email reply with an apology and an order number, relieved I patiently waited another 24 hours and at last by tracking confirmation was there.
Buy VPNNow this is the point of the review I would love to say that tracker restored my faith in their service, however, sadly it isn’t the case, I found that the tracking information went days without being updated emails went unanswered and my whole disappointment of paying over $90 for this service was enough, outcame the threats of launching a paypal dispute when I finally got a reply that my items were now in the UK at last!

Being in the Uk should take 48 hours to get delivery so i logged into the tracking site 48 hours later but nope my tracking information again wasnt updated it was still 8 days old, 36 hours later and my parcel finally arrived with a customs and handling charge of ¬£11.49 which at no point did trackr advise me I could potentially face, I was led to believe that my $10 would cover it, now I’m left feeling robbed but I have my items, I unpack them eagerly to find 5 small plastic cheap type items that my 3-year-old could whistle louder than, so any hope of finding the keys that’s fallen behind the sofa are lost.

Pairing the items to my phone was a nightmare and took 5 attempts, so my final statement is if you are looking for a good item to track your keys Avoid Trackr at all costs.

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Sponsored by iPastore