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How to add and remove users on Walkie-Talkie for your Apple Watch

Love it or hate it Walkie-Talkie is coming with WatchOS 5, and like most things with Apple adding users is easy on the watch whilst removing users requires your iPhone. In this guide we show you how to both add… Continue Reading →

Hands on with watchOS 5 fitness

When Apple announced watchOS 5 there were mixed reactions, some loved all the features whilst others thought features like walkie-talkie were just a gimmick. Most people, however, thought that Apple’s update to the fitness tracking was a good announcement. Apple… Continue Reading →

How to get China’s fitness challenge

This year is Apple’s first China-exclusive activity badge is for National Fitness Day, August 8th. As spotted by Kyle Seth Gray on Twitter, Apple Watch users will get an exclusive reward badge in the Activity app for completing a workout… Continue Reading →

Aeon MQ7 Krypton Skin Review

Aeon MQ7 Skin for Krypton The Aeon MQ7 is the Seventh Edition of the traditional Aeon MQ and has all the features present from previous versions. Consequently, these resources are optimized in order to provide a better user experience. Aeon… Continue Reading →

Unity Skin for Kodi Review

Unity Skin for Kodi Unity Skin designed by Eddage and Bumpaneer, is an adaptation of Confluence, based on a material design. Compatible on any device using a Keyboard/Mouse combination, Remote or Game Controller. While not “flashy”, it’s background image is… Continue Reading →

Filmphotography goes free

Welcome to Filmphotography If you fancy shooting on film instead of using digital devices then you may find this encyclopaedia of film photography principles handy. This app is entirely dedicated to film, film cameras, and the principles of photographic mastery. Filmphotography has… Continue Reading →

Arctic Zephyr Kodi Skin Review

Arctic Zephyr Skin Review Arctic Zephyr, developed by jurialmunkey, focuses on being simple, clean and minimalistic with a light spin. Version 2.3.13 is the third iteration of the Arctic Skin. Continuing with our series of Skin Reviews, Arctic Zephyr comes… Continue Reading →

Apple ordered to pay WiLan $145.1 million in damages

WiLan a Canadian based company yesterday found favour with the federal jury in California after they found Apple guilty of infringing on two patents used in the latest iPhones. One patent is for a “method and apparatus for bandwidth request protocols… Continue Reading →

Over 4 Million people are running Beta software

Last night was Apple’s third quarter earnings call and Tim Cook company’s third-quarter earnings call says that over four million people are running the beta versions of all four operating systems combined. Unfortunately, Tim didn’t break down the numbers on… Continue Reading →

WhatsApp adding group voice and video calls

WhatsApp the popular messaging app has announced that it is rolling out group voice and video calls. The company originally rolled out voice calling in 2015, and added video calling later. The Facebook owner company states that its users spend… Continue Reading →

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