Apple release iTunes update 11.4

After a very busy day of apple announcements there are lots of people scrambling to get the GM version of IOS8, in the meantime Apple has released version 11.4 for iTunes which supports IOS8. If your wondering what GM stands for it’s golden master edition which is for developers only who have been Beta testing IOS8 for the last couple of weeks.

For those who are adventurous you can obtain GM from certain sources and in effect have IOS8 early however this is against Apple’s policy and if anything were to go wrong then your warranty would not cover you.

Apple has also released Testflight app on the App Store which is also big news and obviously requires IOS8, Apple has informed developers that they are ready for them to start submitting IOS8 Apps.

We want to know what you think of all the latest apple news so far and if you plan on buying the new iPhone (if so which one) or iWatch?

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Get the new U2 album innocence free on iTunes

At the end of the Apple conference U2 played and that’s great news because their new album for free from iTunes here

New iPhone, iWatch, IOS8 this changes everything

Well today Apple released the all new iPhone 6 & also the iPhone 6 plus which is bigger just as all the rumours suggested but something else that also proved to be true was the memory sizes you can still get the 16gb but no longer the 32gb but the 64gb and the all new 128gb

Pricing of the 6 is
16gb £539
64gb £619
128gb £699

Pricing of the 6 plus is
16gb £619
64gb £699
128gb £789

The Apple Watch will be available with 6 different types of straps and will come in 2 sizes.

The Apple Watch will be compatible with the following devices:

iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 5s
iPhone 5c
iPhone 5

The Apple Watch will start at $349 and will hit shelves in 2015.

IOS 8 GM is available to download now and the public release will be available from September 17th.

We will be releasing an in depth feature guide soon for the new products so keep tuned.

Breaking Apple news

BREAKING: Apple announces iPhone 6. This changes everything, all over again.

iPhone 6 Plus Announced: Features, Specs, Price, Release Date

And also the all new iWatch Here’s Everything You Need To Know

News via @redmonpie

Apples live event blogs

If you can’t tune in to Apple’s live event you can follow @iClarified & @iCrackUriDevice on twitter for live blog Or catch our round up at the end

 live event

With less than 18 hours to go until apple’s live event and most likely the unveiling of the iPhone 6 & possibly an iWatch security is unbelievably high with staff saying that they have had to have their phones examined and cameras covered with a film to stop any leaks.

Apple will for the first time be live steaming the event for everyone which you can view here. We will be announcing a round up at the end once possible but will be listing several other tech sites as our blogger will be at work ); however keep posted for those links later on

For a limited time, the popular iMaschine beat-making application for iOS is free via the Apple Store application by Apple.

For a limited time, the popular iMaschine beat-making application for iOS is free via the Apple Store application by Apple.
Click here for more info and the link

Apple Has Reportedly Seeded Select Developers With a SDK for Wearable a

Apple has reportedly seeded select developers with a SDK that can be used to build third-party apps for the company’s upcoming wearable device.

September 10th


On September 10th we will be taking part in the internet slowdown online protest (Battle for the Net) we will be including images on our website, blog, App & changing our avatar to defend net neutrality and free speech.





September 10th #internet #slowdown

On September 10th the will be a joint internet slow down campaign, this is in protest to the net neutrality bill which is yet to be pass into law. We have taken part in several successful internet protest campaigns in the past that will allow for fair free speech, and we are just as passionate about this as any other.

We will be taking part in the online protest along with several other big companies and we invite you to take part also, if you would like to kbow more click here or visit

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