Protect your photos and videos from accidental deletion with peak-a-view

Have you ever wanted to share your precious photos and videos with a child but fear they will be accidentally deleted. Peek-a-View is the app for you

From the developer of Vignette comes Peek-a-Save your photos from accidental — or deliberate! — deletion by toddlers, clients, or anyone that can’t be trusted.

Peek-a-View is a read-only photo gallery. Using Peeka-View, you can always feel safe sharing your photos with anyone, because there is literally no way to have Peek-a-View delete your photos. In fact, Peek-a-View does not write ANY data back to your photo library. When paired with the Guided Access feature on iOS and iPadOS, you can lock your device into Peek-a

View, ensuring that the only thing that device can do is look at photos, until you decide otherwise.

By default, Peek-a-View will show your most recent photos in your photo gallery, but it can be configured to only show a specific album. Furthermore, access to Peek-a-View’s settings is automatically restricted when Guided Access is started.

Peek-a-View will show you your 20 most recent photos for free; a one-time in-app purchase will remove that limitation.

Peek-a-View fully supports Dark Mode, Dynamic Type, Live Photos, videos, and animated GIFs. With purchase, it also supports several alternative icons.