If you a user of Moviebox your more than likely aware of the crazy ad redirects to the App Store every few minutes, whilst we know ad’s generate revenue which helps keep Moviebox free there was one in particular for the William Hill betting app which was a bug that kept redirecting every few seconds. 

The official repo host dtathemes has had a nice little tweak called Moviebox 3 complete which already added some nice little features to Moviebox and had now added some more, the tweak itself has now been renamed Moviebox 3 Enhancer and has got an option to remove the crazy ads simply switch it on and respring and your good to go. 

The tweak also allows users to disable the app from automatically playing the next video in a series so if you don’t want it to auto play when you finish then just simply select this as well. There are some other cool features which you should check out and if you haven’t already got dtathemes repo you can grab it here http://cydia.dtathemes.com/repo